Rutger Paulusse a.k.a. Gwer.
Fiend. Addict. Junkie.

Seven years old, and already his fingers were busy at work. Two decades later, those same fingers have crafted an abundance of mischief and masterpiece.
But alas, how could one man struggle with such an addiction?

Village life was village life, until he met his local all-city graffiti sensei. A pusher in his own right. Rutger’s typography dependency henceforth was no laughing matter. High school saw him shooting up his tag anywhere he could. He tried to go cold turkey after graduating by trying his hand as an event manager. But Lady Ink’s lure saw him back on the type, craving the flyer design more than the event’s production. Sketching, drawing, and the occasional party kept the buzz going.

After art school rejected his first application, he tried to dry himself out. Drawing at evening classes amongst inattentive housewives. Yet it was part of the plan. St. Joost Art School showed him the light. And then came the relapse. Graphic design was the new sugar man, and led him to dabble in branding, corporate identity, and back to the dance events (still a cruel mistress).

Like any Type Junkie, knowing how to get his next fix was essential. Lacking technical knowledge was causing him to itch, so to New York City he was bound. The Big Apple’s seduction was irresistible, and Vault49 was his new Mother Superior. Brushing up on his illustration and CGI skills, he was offered a job amongst some of the world’s finest and largest addicts he had ever met. But his own addiction came-a-knocking once again. Sinking into the floor, he found his new horizons set on Amsterdam, where his studio now plays host to all manner of creative dipsomania.

His work has paired him up with Ogilvy, TBWA, Havas Worldwide Amsterdam, Etcetera, Designbridge, Khanna\Reidinga, Grrr and Voutloos. His brand portfolio includes Nuon, Ford, Flexa, Citroën, KPN, Tommy Hilfiger, Fietsersbond, Spinawards and ADCN. His works have been published in Computer Arts, DZONE and Publish, and online by Typography Served, Abduzeedo, From Up North, Creative Bloq, Vormplatform, Typeverything and Lettercult. He has been announced as Amsterdam Ad Blog’s Talent Of The Month in April 2013.

So next time you have a creative quandary, spare a thought for poor Rutger.

The Type Junkie.


TEL: +31 6 14 31 81 67


Words by Christopher McIntosh





The Qontinent

Q-Dance and Bass Events asked me to develop
the key visual for their hard dance weekend
festival in Belgium.


I was asked to paint this billboard for Flexa, a paint brand, with a christmas wish.

Agency: Etcetera
Agent: Artbox


I did some custom numbers a while ago and decided to
revisit them. I refined the numbers itself and
played with 2D and 3D shapes. Outcome is this poster
series, soon available online.

Lettering & Logos

Miscellaneous logos en lettering for various purposes.
All lettering is custom. Oh yeah.


Cover illustration, spot illustrations and a custom typeface
for the special Cannes Lions and Esprix edition of Marketingtribune.

Element Skateboards

Self-initiated typographic illustration.

Typejunkies Anonymous

I'm a complete sucker for type and addicted to
custom lettering. Trying to deal with all this
I created a one-man fellowship;
Typejunkies Anonymous.
During these sessions I created a poster series,
I lettered each step of the 12-step program.

The posters were on display at DIV, a clothing store
serving you the most iconic brands in the East
of Amsterdam. DIV & Gwer also presented limited
edition screen printed t-shirts and sweaters.

Photography by Ralph Roelse


Illustration for a new-years card.

Ford Lettering

Custom lettering and key visual for a Ford Ka campaign:
'De Ka van Karakter' (Translates as 'C for Character')

Concept & Art Direction: Bas Derks
Agency: Ogilvy Amsterdam
Agent: Artbox

Paperclip Festival

Illustration and identity
for the coziest festival in Noord-Brabant.

ADCN Yearboek 2013

ADCN & Artbox asked me to do the typography for 3 spreads in the ADCN yearbook,
in collaboration with 3 talented illustrators.
Since I was doing 3 spreads I decided I wanted
to use 3 different techniques.
It was cool to combine some CGI type,
vector type and hand lettering in this one project.

Eduardo Bertone
Rik Oostenbroek
Giulio Iurissevich

Publish Magazine

Based on the 'London' piece I did,
Publish asked me to design the cover of their issue
about the Creative Cloud.

NUON Lettering

MINIbar asked me to develop the autograph of the sun
for a campaign for NUON.

Production: MINIbar
Concept: Lemon Scented Tea


Three typographic illustrations for a
campaign for the 'Fietsersbond' ('union for bike drivers')
to warn people to put on their bike-lights.

Concept: Khanna\Reidinga

Game On

Self-initiated artwork.

Creatives, Cocktails & Dreams

Identity for an inspiring night with talks
from interesting speakers combined with incredible cocktails.
Sounds good, eh? It's even better.

Havas Worldwide Amsterdam

I was asked to develop these typographic gasoline hoses
for a car brand. Unfortunately they were never used.


Submission for Show Us Your Type - London

Knock Out!

Artwork for a b2s hardstyle event.
A collaboration with the talented design wizard Psytek (Rutger Siemonsma).


Identity for a recordlabel.

NUON Lettering

MINIbar asked me to develop some
lettering 'Baywatch-style'
for a mobile campaign website for NUON.

Production: MINIbar
Concept: Lemon Scented Tea

Wonderous World

Custom lettering for a retail project for Pirate

Spring Wallpapers

Set of spring inspired wallpapers.

Lowend Community

Sleeve designs for a Dutch recordlabel.


A digital tribute to analog techniques.


Illustration for a laser-etched sawblade.
Designed this deadly type at Vault49.

Life's Good

Celebration of life!